Spartan Coaching

Zach Bridson: Quick bio (one paragraph) accolades etc. 
The Program: The program is an elite yet holistic and extremely intensive effort to build grit, resilience, and the best version of the athletes self. (I took liberties below)
  • 5- days of training per week x 10 months a year.
  • 0 tolerance for complacency and mediocrity 
  • An “always” ready mindset - we don’t ask who the enemy is but where he is. 
  • Perfect practice makes Perfect performance. 
Cost: 200.00 per month x 10 month commitment per year. There will be an additional nominal insurance charge (Buldac?)
Location: The “HAMMER SHACK” (Zach to fill in address)
Commitment: Parents MUST commit to 10 months to be in the program. Only 22 kids are accepted each year to the Elite program. This is a 2000.00 annual commitment for parents and a 400+ hour commitment for the athlete. A half season or half ass commitment is not accepted here. 
Drop Ins: Drop in at welcomed to 3 individuals on an INVITE ONLY basis. The cost for a drop in is 30.00 for the session.