The 10k Hour Rule //SPARTAN COMBAT Podcast 009

The 10k Hour Rule //SPARTAN COMBAT Podcast 009

About this Episode

Phil Davis is the former Bellator Light Heavyweight Champion and is currently fighting out of San Diego.  In this episode we talk about Phil’s background in wrestling, where he won an NCAA title for Penn State, as well as his transition to MMA.  My favorite part of this episode is when Phil talks about the 10k rule and how he applied it to his MMA training.

About the Podcast

Spartan Combat is a new series for the SpartanUp Podcast where we talk to individuals who have been battle-tested in the most rigorous of environments - hand to hand combat. You’ll hear from Olympic-level wrestlers, jiu jitsu practitioners, and MMA fighters, all with the end goal of getting you off the coach!

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