Learning to Walk Again // SPARTAN COMBAT PODCAST #003

Learning to Walk Again // SPARTAN COMBAT PODCAST #003

About This Episode

Mike Barwis is a strength and conditioning guru. He’s trained Olympic athletes in over 40 sports, works with pro teams such as the Red Wings and Mets, and is the CEO of Barwis Performance Centers.  On this episode, we focus on the work Mark did with Brock Mealer.  Brock was involved in a car accident in 2009 and was paralyzed from the waist down.  After 2 years of physical therapy, Brock was unable to walk. Then he met Mike Barwis.  Tune in to hear the full story.  


About the Podcast

Spartan Combat is a new series for the SpartanUp Podcast where we talk to individuals who have been battle-tested in the most rigorous of environments - hand to hand combat. You’ll hear from Olympic-level wrestlers, jiu jitsu practitioners, and MMA fighters, all with the end goal of getting you off the coach!

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