Dan Gable: I Needed that Loss  // SPARTAN COMBAT PODCAST #004

Dan Gable: I Needed that Loss // SPARTAN COMBAT PODCAST #004

About this Episode

Dan Gable is the most popular American wrestler of all time. As a wrestler, he was undefeated through high school and college before losing his last collegiate match. He rebounded to win a world title in 1971 and the Olympics in 1972 without surrendering a single point. He was the head coach at the University of Iowa for 21 years and during that time, won 21 straight Big 10 titles and 15 NCAA titles. In this episode we focus on Gable’s loss to Larry Owings and how that shaped and molded the rest of his career. 

About the Podcast

Spartan Combat is a new series for the SpartanUp Podcast where we talk to individuals who have been battle-tested in the most rigorous of environments - hand to hand combat. You’ll hear from Olympic-level wrestlers, jiu jitsu practitioners, and MMA fighters, all with the end goal of getting you off the coach!

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